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Caroline 3

Powers and abilities
Dark fire
Dark magic
Voiced by
Cher Lloyd

Caroline is an alternate name for Diamond in season 6. Whilst Diamond was pretending to be amnesia, in episode 609 she decided to spy on Iris and Dean as Caroline, by at first being a "villain" (who fought against The Gems and gave harsh words to them) and later joined The Gems as Caroline, too.


As Caroline, Diamond is more described as harasser who blesses Mephistopheles along with Azrael, and later Anubis. She is independent against herself and fights for what she wants.


Caroline has waist-length thick dirty blonde greenish hair, fair skin, brown eyes and purple lips. Her favorite color may be navy as she wears  a navy top with wavy black ends and a mesh collar with a pink circle. She also wears a navy
jacket with high-collars and sleeves that end with spiked grey areas. Her stomach is covered with mesh, and she has navy gloves on her hands. Caroline also wears a navy skirt with a chain-belt, and navy high heel boots with gray tights.


Caroline join forces with Azrael who blesses Mephistopheles. Azrael and Caroline later work with Anubis. Mephistopheles gets angry at Azrael and Caroline, and wanted to banish them away to the Omega Dimension. Azrael lied that Caroline was the person who told him to do it, and Caroline was banished from the castle.

She later went to an Egypt pyramid where she meet The Gems. She (who is Diamond), pretended to not know about The Gems and apologized for her harassment and abusive language. Sugar and Cinnamon did not accept Caroline at first, but then they did.

Caroline later saw Iris and Dean kissing. Later she saw them hugging. Caroline angrily went to her room and took out a picture of her and Dean from her bag and cried. Caroline tore Dean's picture but, didn't know that Cinnamon was watching.

Caroline and The Gems have to get the last gem to earn a transformation by singing while revealing their true selves. Caroline decided to sing Freak the Freak Out and revealed that she was Diamond.


  • She looks similar to Selina in Winx Club.
    • Her personality is somewhat similar to Selina too.
  • Caroline is indeedly Diamond in disguise.

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