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Ivonne Cherry Vega
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15 years
Birthday: January 15
Education: WCD and Hollywood Arts
Occupation: Singing and Acting
Address: Doctor's House :P
Relationships: Jonathan Christopher
Housemates: @@?
Portrayer: ScarlethX

Ivonne Vega posted:
I caught Karina Mitchells' boyfriend cheating on another girl! He's going to pay for it!


Cynthia Jannette commented:

Are you gonna make him pay? Call me I will enjoy the sight, but like really? You can't fight for a sausage!

Ivonne Vega commented:

Of course I'm gonna make him pay! You can help me beat him up. Should we beat up the girl too? You've got spark in you Jaylee. Would you like to join The Rebels? (Karina and I)

Cynthia Jannette commented:

Me? I was always the best :P But then good for a try.

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