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Karina Altair Aldana Mitchells
General Information
Gender: female
Age: 17
Birthday: February 14
Education: Hollywood Arts
Occupation: Singing, Acting, and Babysitting
Address: LA California
Relationships: Daniel Pineda
Housemates: Yaritza Martinez
Portrayer: ScarlethX

Karina Altair Aldana Mitchells posted:
Me and Ivonne. We share the same personality. For Example we laugh when children cry.

Ivonne Vega commented:

Who doesn't laugh when children cry?

Karina Mitchells commented:
I know right?

Dayannara Ryan commented:
I don't laugh when children cry. I'm too nice :P

Jasmine Petals commented:
You can't beat Jaylee in criminal records

Karina Mitchells commented:
I can! But I don't want to! I've seen her in jail with me. she is my type.

Jaylee Cynthia Jannette commented:
Nah! I can beat everyone, I am currently learning wrestling from my boyfriend, Dian so watch out!

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