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It's the same of a story but you never get it right!
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Like you're gonna win.
— Júi to The Gems in Broken.

Queen/Witch Júi

Júi 1

Powers and abilities
Darkness (formerly)
Diamond (rival)
Nereus (former crush)

Queen/Witch Júi (also known as Evil Queen Júi) is the one of The Ancestral Witches and one of the main villains in season 1. She and her sisters returned in the season 7 episode, Trust Your Heart.


Júi is harsh and quite mean, and she dislikes everything in the world. She only cares for power and love. As seen in episode 15 of season 1, Júi seems to show her good feelings; as of loving Nereus, who eventually died. She was quite harsh towards The Gems when they killed Nereus, and that makes her hate them more than she usually does. Júi hates Diamond quite a lot when she found out that The Gems didn't "kill" Nereus, Diamond did and as a preserantive measure, Júi changed Diamond's looks and sent her to witch college for a week.



Júi is known to be the evil queen of an unknown and forgotten planet. Later, she discovered a witch college and went there to be a witch. She is known to be married and have an ex, who is currently unknown and not shown in the series. And then she started to put "evil" on her name.


Júi first appeared in "Diamond's Destiny" with Celeste and Icy. [1] They attacked Diamond when she helped Emerald fight Júi and her friends. Júi is known to kidnap Diamond as revealed in the episode "Party Crasher" [2] and seen again in "Fairynapped!".

Júi and her friends took Sugar, Diamond, Emerald, Liana and Daphne's powers to become stronger. But later The Gems found out that their power is still available, deep down and have defeated Júi and her friends.

Júi was later captured in prison infinitely; but the cliffhanger of the final season 1 episode shows Júi and Icy laughing evilly in their cell.

Season 7


Witch Form

Her witch form is a dull navy blue one-piece suit and a royal blue cape, with boots a darker shade of blue. Down the front of the suit is a white stripe that forms a thin belt with the letter "I" over the stomach (presenting her powers are "ice". With this, she wears fingerless gloves and dark blue eyeshadow.

Old Witch Form

Her old witch form (the one before she exchange powers with Icy) is a dark purple one-piece suit, with boots a darker shade of purple. Down the front of the suit is a dark orchid stripe that forms a thin belt with the letter "D" over the stomach (presenting her powers are "darkness")With this, she wears fingerless gloves and dark blue eyeshadow.


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