This page comprises about Jewel's relationships. Jewel is seen as a ditzy and funny girl, but even though she is dumb she has a lot of friends.



Should not be added as they have no moments together.

Jewel and Diamond

Jewel and Diamond.

Although the two of them have been just friends in The Gems: A Magical Adventure, Diamond and Jewel appear to be best friends. Jewel is also Sugar's best friend, but she looks slightly preferring Diamond. Diamond usually never gets bored of Jewel, and once stated that Jewel is as sweet as cake.

Jewel feels safe around Diamond (and also Sugar) and sometimes the two of them have sleepovers and do videos together. As seen in Best Music Video, Jewel has told Diamond that doing a perfect music video would be really hard. In the end, Diamond did not accept her boyfriend when her boyfriend accepted her, and Jewel hugs her.


Should not be added as they have no moments together.

JewelSugar BFF

Jegar ♥

Sugar seems to be passionate towards Jewel. Jewel usually hangs out with Sugar and they have been friends for months. Jewel has always gets help from Sugar, which shows that Sugar also cares about her.

In The Perfect Spoiler, Jewel is first person which likes the idea of Sugar's play. Eventually Jewel also likes the prom which is also going to be held the same date and time. Jewel at first supports Sugar but then supports Diamond. She later does not have a decision and ran away. When Diamond and Avan find out Jewel was going to ask them a question, they told Jewel to talk to Sugar.

As Jewel approached Sugar, Sugar asked Jewel what she wanted. Jewel says she has a question. Sugar looks at Diamond and Avan who smirk together. She later calmly tells Jewel that Dexter would be the best date for her.

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