Ah, The Blackstones, full of vampires that family is! God knows what they can do. I heard they killed someone recently.
— Unknown person, telling The Gems where The Blacktone mansion is.

The Blackstones are a really strong family of vampires. They enjoy a respectable status in the community and are quite proud (excluding Iris). They have three daughters; IrisIzora and Izusa.


Not much is known about The Blackstones, except that they are vampires. Further along the series, the information may be extended. Once, they were stated as the most powerful families of all time, though they do not make much importance now, however still remain powerful.


  • Iris carries the silver ring, which has some sort of special power. Izora returns in Fallen Roses wanting the silver ring back.
  • It is possible that the silver ring goes to the eldest daughter/son of the family, since Iris was the eldest, she got the silver ring and Izora didn't.
  • It is shown that the Izusa is the second eldest coming after, Iris.

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