• Do not edit something irrelevant or you will be blocked a week or more.
  • Do not (please not) have any typos or misspelled word, you can be blocked for two days.
  • No bad words are allowed in this wiki. Please don't use the bad words example "badass" or "sexy". Or you will be blocked for six days.


  • No made-up information allowed. If you don't know the info, please leave it blank.
    • If it is made-up it will be deleted as soon as possible.

User Rights

  • If you're not an administrator, bureaucrat, chat moderator, rollback or other jobs in Fairiex College, please do not say words like "don't spam the wiki". Or you will be blocked for three days.
  • Do not request of becoming an admin. If you want to, go here.


Main article: The Gems A Magical Adventure Wiki:Editing policy

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