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[Scene shows Sugar's phone ringing; screen shows the name "Riven".]

Sugar: [Takes her phone; answers the call.] Yes, Riven? [Raises an eyebrow.]
Riven: [On phone.] So Sugar, is it okay if I visit you at Fairiex College?
Sugar: Why do you want to visit me at Fairiex College?
Riven: [On phone.] Because I've miss you today.
Sugar: So the other days you don't miss me?!
Riven: [On phone.] Look, just tell me if I can come today.
Sugar: You— [The lights went off. Sugar looked at her phone and the screen shows "Error. Connection lost.".] LIANA! [Storms out of the room.]

[Scene cuts to Sugar and Liana outside of Sugar's room.]

Sugar: You cut off the electric on purpose, didn't you?
Liana: No I didn't!
Sugar: Okay. [Walks to Liana's room and enters it. Sugar sees Liana's computer, laptop and phone. She walks to the three devices and creates a portal. Sugar sends Liana's devices into the portal and walks out of the room. Liana enters her room.]
Liana: M-my computer. My laptop. My phone! [Shouts angrily.]

[Scene shows Diamond and Jewel at the room they share along with Sugar.]

Diamond: [Holding a piece of paper.] So I was thinking maybe Sugar should sing this— [Sugar enters the room and locks the door.]
Sugar: Alright, you know what? Liana cut off all electricity here.
Jewel: Whoa.
Diamond: [Frowned.] Why would she do that?
Sugar: Because she still thinks we're stupid and only care about Earth!
Jewel: We should get our revenge then. [Sugar smirks.]
Sugar: I already did. [Stops smirking'.]
Diamond: Whatcha did?
Sugar: I vanished her phone, computer and laptop into a portal.
Diamond: Well, where does the portal lead?
Sugar: A dark and mysterious world–where no one knows. A person who lives in that world would be lucky to get a computer, phone and laptop.
Jewel: Her phone has our contact numbers.
Diamond: Yeah, what if a long lost enemy of us found our contact numbers and calls us?
Sugar: We could always [Smirks.] detect the voice.
Jewel: What if they can imitate voices like you?
Sugar: You're talking to the world's greatest voice imitator and detector.
Jewel: Who?
Diamond: Sugar!
Sugar (at the same time): Me!

[Scene shows The Ancestral Witches at a cave.]

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